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Staff Directory

Name Job Title Phone or Email
Aschenbrenner, Ruth Education Assistant  
Bell, Karen Learning Support Teacher 6/7 6149
Bidwell, Craige Education Assistant  
Carlson, Rona Learning Support Teacher7/8 [email protected] 
Finlayson, Karen Librarian and ADST teacher 6475
Gunning, Jo French Immersion PE Teacher [email protected] 
Hunter, Heather Advisory Teacher 7-3 6300
Husel, Kristy Advisory Teacher 6-4 [email protected] 
Inkster, Alanna Education Assistant  
Lind, Jay Band and Grade 8 Teacher 6437
Manitoski, Melissa Advisory Teacher 8-4 6233
Manuel, Lana Advisory Teacher 8-1 6042
Mitchell, Jenny English Track PE Teacher 6175
McCallan, Norman Advisory Teacher 6-2 6549
Mullin, Darcy Principal 6039; [email protected] 
Pagliocchini, Jerry Education Assistant  
Perrin, Barbara Education Assistant  
Petrocco, Claire Advisory Teacher 6-3  
Porter, Monique Advisory Teacher 7-4 6050
Ruttan, Coral Education Assistant  
Sidoni, Karen Admin Secretary 6278; [email protected] 
Smith, Mandy Education Assistant  
Sorensen, Tracey Counsellor 6509
Steves, Traci Advisory Teacher 7-1 6172
Surzyshyn, Mark Advisory Teacher 8-2 6502
Thorpe, Richa Advisory Teacher 7-2 6349
Wiens, Sabrina Advisory Teacher 6-1 6280
Wingham, Jennifer Vice Principal 6419; [email protected] 
Zailo, Angela Library Assistant 6661