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Staff Directory

Name Job Title Extension/Email
Dean, Kait Secretary [email protected]
Becker, Micka Education Assistant  
Bidwell, Craige Education Assistant  
Brisson, Rebecca Advisory Teacher 8-3 [email protected]
Bunney, Leah Advisory Teacher 8-1/Home Ec [email protected]
Carlson, Rona Learning Support Teacher 7/8 [email protected]
Currie, Ann Education Assistant  
Cutler, Crystal Education Assistant  
DeVito, Steve Principal 6031 - [email protected]
Dias, Michelle Advisory Teacher 7-3 [email protected]
Donahue, Devan Advisory Teacher 8-4 [email protected]
Freed, Michael Custodian  
Gazel, Celina Advisory Teacher 7-4/6-5 [email protected]
Guenther, Robby Custodian  
Gunning, Jo Learning Support Teacher 6/7 [email protected]
Hoel, Janae Education Assistant  
Lewis, Catey Aboriginal Education Assistant  
Lind, Jay Band and Grade 8 Teacher 6437 - [email protected]
MacLeod, Amanda Teacher [email protected]
McGuire-Holder, Angela Teacher [email protected]
Mitchell, Jenny English Track PE Teacher 6175 - [email protected]
Murdock, Tamara Education Assistant  
Nichini, Lisa Education Assistant  
Porter, Monique Advisory Teacher 6-3 6050 - [email protected]
Ptak, Anna Advisory Teacher 6-4 [email protected]
Rooker, Rochelle Vice Principal 6103 - [email protected]
Ryn, Stephanie Library/Computers [email protected]
Sorensen, Tracey Counsellor 6509 - [email protected]
Steves, Traci Advisory Teacher 7-1 6172 - [email protected]
Surzyshyn, Mark Advisory Teacher 8-2 6502 - [email protected]
Thorpe, Richa Advisory Teacher 7-2 6349 - [email protected]
Tuters, Claire Advisory Teachers 6-1  
Wendenburg, Terence Band and Grade 8 Teacher [email protected]
Wiens, Sabrina Advisory Teacher 6-2 6280 - [email protected]
Young, April Education Assistant  
Zailo, Angela Library Assistant 6661